Denix WWII German Luger Parabellum P-08 Replica Pistol Wood Grips

Denix WWII German Luger Parabellum P-08 Replica Pistol Wood Grips

This non firing replica of the German Luger, the Luger Parabellum, or simply the Luger, the Pistole Parabellum 1908 was designed in 1898 by Georg Luger and is the most widely recognized pistol in the World. This toggle-locked recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol can now be yours with this non firing Denix replica collectible pistol.

Possesses a working action and hammer. Authentic size and weight of actual gun. Made from solid metal with black textured or wood grips.

Does not fire and cannot be altered to do so. Federal Law requires Blaze Orange Tips on all post-1898 Replica Guns. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES remove, alter, obscure, or otherwise change the appearance of the colored tip at the barrel end of the replica gun. Non-Firing Replica Guns and Models. Non-firing Replica Guns should ONLY be used in the home as scale model displays, as collector's items, or for theatrical or training purposes.

They should ALWAYS be used under the supervision of a responsible adult. They should NEVER be carried on the street, pointed at anyone, hidden on your person, or left carelessly in your car DO NOT leave them where they are accessible to unsupervised children or irresponsible adults. DO NOT let children play with these items. DO NOT point these items at other people, even as a joke. It could cause alarm or be seen as a threat, with serious or even deadly consequences. AVOID excessive dry-firing as this may cause breakage. To avoid mechanical failures, keep them clean and lightly lubricated. ALL CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING COMPLIANCE WITH ANY APPLICABLE LAWS OR RESTRICTIONS AT THE POINT OF DESTINATION. PLEASE CHECK LOCAL LAWS PRIOR TO ORDERING.

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